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The following links and downloadable resources will provide families and teachers with useful information about raising and caring for chickens, as well as information about different breeds of chickens and the commercial production and the nutritional value of both the chicken and the egg. - is an excellent site. Click on 'Breeds' then scroll down and click on the photo of the breed in which you are interested.  If you would like further information, click on 'Description'. -  provides you with information about eggs. Simply click on 'Egg Facts'. - is a website set up by the Australian Egg Corporation. It provides information about the different methods used in egg production. - is the Australian resource centre for poultry events, announcements, news releases, research etc.  Schools can email and receive free resource packages to teach their students about chickens. There are also some interesting articles on the backyard chicken industry in other countries.

Ideas for Backyard Chicken Coops - is a document which provides links to several useful and informative Australian websites which offer advice on how to build, or where to purchase, a chicken coop to suit your backyard brood. - provides information regarding aspects such as the incubation and candling of eggs and you can also actually view a chick hatching on this site. - is an excellent website which provides detailed information about the fascinating, 21-day life cycle of the embryological chick. For students in the upper grades, there are also some interesting and relevant Maths projects. -  is a link which was sent to us by a new chicken owner who utilised our information page when researching the topic of raising chickens. It provides some great introductory information regarding raising and caring for chickens, and the considerations which need to be made before undertaking to do so. It also contains links to more specific information on several other useful sites. - is another excellent website which provides resources and information on numerous subjects including breeds, the structure of an egg, hatching chicks, nutrition etc.

The Complete Book of Raising Livestock & Poultry by Katie Thear & Dr Alistair Fraser is an excellent book for information on how to set up your backyard. It is well worth purchasing. Published by Pan Books. -  provides free, interesting teaching resources which are aimed at early childhood teachers.  Some activities include responses to the children’s story, Little Red Hen (these develop skills in sequencing, etc) and activities based on the life cycle of a chicken.



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